Today, I had a busy day filled with lunch with some of my favorite friends, an oil change, & a last minute haircut. Then tonight Eric & I spent the evening in Jonesboro with our precious baby girl, Madelynn. We went out to eat at Red Lobster (on a gift card) and we went to Target. No trip to Jonesboro is ever complete without a trip to Target! We still had money left on gift cards that we were blessed with at our baby showers for Madelynn and we bought 2 new toys for Madelynn to help her with her teething issues. Our sweet baby girl has been drooling like a mad woman for the past 2 months, which we knew was related to teething. But we finally felt one of her teeth coming through her gums tonight! She is growing up so fast!!! She also sat in the front of the shopping cart for the first time all on her own like a big girl. Where is the time going?!? 

   Anyways... we thought she deserved to celebrate with a couple new toys to chew on so we bought those plus a couple new outfits for colder weather. :) 

   Eric & I celebrated with drinks from Starbucks. He ordered an iced black tea- typical Eric drink. I ordered my usual for the holiday season: Venti Skinny Decaf Pumpkin Spice Latte. HOWEVER... I totally forgot to order it as a decaf! This was at 8:45-ish PM... and it is now 3:25 AM and I am wide awake blogging about my crazy, but delicious, mistake. I honestly think it has been at least 14 months since I have had a caffeinated drink from Starbucks. I never thought it made much of a difference in my system... BOY WAS I WRONG! I am wide awake, and feel like I have a million things to do. Crazy!! So that's why I am finally blogging tonight... this morning.

   I hope to blog more as I am getting used to this "new normal" of being a stay-at-home mom while still being the best minister's wife I can be. All the while, I am still trying to establish my Premier Designs business in our "new" town. (We have been here for 18 months now... but moving, getting used to a new town & church, and getting pregnant & having a baby all during that time has made establishing myself a little harder than I ever expected.)

Anyways... I am ready to commit to more blogging. I just hope it doesn't take a Venti Skinny CAFFEINATED Pumpkin Spice Latte to give me time to do it.


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