My life, lately.

I haven't kept up with the whole blogging scene, but I find more and more reasons to start picking it back up again. So.... away we go:

June 10th was mine & Eric's 2 year anniversary... TWO YEARS! I couldn't believe it!

June 16-20 was a milestone week. It was marked as the week I became more involved with our local Carey Baptist Association as the Children's Camp Choir Director and Eric as the Children's Camp Pastor. It also was marked as the week I new I had to quit my job at the Chiropractor's office after being there for almost a full year. I was stretching myself in too many ways and could no longer committ to giving them what they needed, nor could I committ to the ministry Eric & I were called to Sparkman for. It was definitely an eye-opening week. The following Tuesday was when I quit, and it was bittersweet... but definitely the right decision.

July has already been a very busy month... really the whole SUMMER has been a whirlwind and I'm not too sure it is going to slow down anytime soon!

Our church just finished our VBS last week and it was a BLAST! Mom came up for the whole week to lend her services and her awesomeness to help us out. I am so incredibly blessed to have a little mama who loves entertaining kids and doing arts & crafts!

I started my new job at the Ray White Lumber/Saw Mill. Eric likes to tell people he has me "stacking logs at the mill." YEAH RIGHT! I sit in the air conditioned building and sit at a desk answering phones, doing typical receptionist work, and laughing my behind off at the crazy people who come into the office. I also listen to men gossip all day. Let me just say RIGHT NOW... guys definitely gossip!!! Young & old alike... they gossip just as much as women! Anyways... I really love my new job!

Eric and I haven't really gone on any actual vacations, but we have been traveling quite a bit to see our families this month and we will be venturing to TX again for another seudo-vacation tonight. It will be the first Sunday we've had off in a long time, so that should be nice. We will be visiting a church in Ft. Worth and spending time with some friends; Levi, Charla, Micah H, Amory, etc.

Then... the day after we get home Micah B. & Samantha B. will be carpooling their way up to good old Sparkman for a get-away to our little chateau. THEN... the day after they leave we will have Gilley, Andrew, Al, and Bobby B. traveling to Sparkman for a get-away of their own. What can I say? Eric & I love when our friends and family visit!

On the flip side, we just found out that our 1 and 1/2 year old Chesapeake Bay Retriever, Lucy, has heart worms. We have to find her a smaller kennel/dog run for when she goes through treatment, so that she doesn't over work her sweet little self. Oh goodness we love our dogs!

That has been the latest news from the Moffetts. Now I can post about more things.

Thanks for reading.


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