"Content with the World"

   Two months old! Our baby girl is already two months old. It really is unbelievable! 

   We have an extremely happy & peaceful baby. She's already sleeping through the night and only cries when she's hungry or needs her diaper to be changed. Every time we are at church, at the grocery store, or anywhere in public everyone "oohs & aahs" over how cute and how 'good' she is. Most people can't believe that she is so alert and that she is so easy-going. My 'mommy response' is simply this, I usually say, "She's just content with the world." While it definitely seems to be so, I can't help but think about this world, and how naive... better yet... how innocent her world view is right now.
   Right now, this precious child is absolutely, 100% dependent on us, her parents. Hungry? We feed her. Dirty diaper? We change it for her. Sleepy? We tuck her into her swaddle blanket and rock her to sleep. She knows nothing more or less than what we do for her. She doesn't realize that there are other options. She only knows, believes, and trusts everything that is right in front of her... as is... no questions asked.

   In light of recent events in Aurora, not to mention wars continuing all around the world, and the growing human trafficking epidemic, I can't help but think about this world that my sweet 8 week old baby is so innocently content with. It breaks my heart to think that one day, she will figure out what sin is. She will one day realize that there is evil in this fallen world. It breaks my heart.

   In the same breath that I say "It breaks my heart"... I exhale a sigh of joy and relief knowing that her daddy & I will be, all the while, telling her about the Creator God who has every intention to have his Spirit dwell within her. I cling to hope in Christ that her mind will be able to comprehend a love that fulfills far past the love of any human. I pray that she will understand and accept God's forgiveness and mercy that was planned for her long before she was even in the womb. 

   So, while evil is still present in our midst and we must not be oblivious to it...  my prayer is that we would be people who are quicker to acknowledge the presence of YAHWEH, IMMANUEL, in these times that trouble us. Don't give the enemy more credit than the God who has already won the victory over evil. 

Psalm 46:1 God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble.


I am so thankful that IMMANUEL is with us... more than just in our songs at Christmas time! (heehee)


Stacy said…

This was such a beautiful post! Thank you for sharing this with the rest of the world! And I'm so thankful you are a mommy now!!!


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