These are a few... a LOT... of my favorite things:

As Fall approaches, I am reminded of all of my favorite things. With Fall being my favorite season, it only seemed appropriate to post about ALL off my favorite things! It makes me happy, and I hope you talk about your favorite things!

*The smell of freshly cut grass!

*The smell of blooming gardenias

*Losing weight!

*Singing my heart out in the car

*Designing clothes!

*The smell of burning leaves or burning trash back in the country.

*Performing on the stage!!!



*Riding up mountains in gondolas!

*God's promise!

*Putting on makeup and changing my hair color!

*Weddings (mine in particular!)

*The smell of rain on the hot pavement!

*River Rafting

*Camping & hiking!

*Going to Schlitterbahn with my daddy!

*The changing of leaves in North West Arkansas!!!

*Taking pictures!

*Sharing the love of Jesus with as many people as I encounter with no judgments or biases!

*Listening to my husband preach!

*Visiting family!

That's enough for right now... I'm sure I will think of more later!

-Sherrill Lynn M.


Unknown said…

I'm putting together a PowerPoint presentation about what nature gives us (everything) and what we give back (garbage) and I was hoping to use your picture of people around a campfire. I want to use this presentation for public events and eventually put it on YouTube. Please respond as soon as possible because the first event takes place April 9th.

Thank you,

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