I Would Walk 500 miles: A Change of Plans

Well... I may have been a little over-zealous in my attempts to train for the Little Rock half marathon in March. Instead of training to do a longer distance walk/run, I am altering my training schedule. I will now be training to (hopefully) fully RUN the Little Rock 5K the same day of the Marathon, in March. I think this goal is a LOT more attainable. So to those of you who have been so great to hold me accountable: Thank you, and please keep it going! (I still need it!) And if you want to join me in the training process, let me know and I will share my researched plan!


Anonymous said…
Hello! :)
The McEvilly's said…
Please share your plan with me. I want to run the turkey trot in dallas this year. I am at 2miles and I need to get o 8 by then. Its a long process.
Breanne said…
Hey I wanted to let you know about this program that helps you train for a 5k. It's called couch to 5k and it's a 9 week program where you run 3 days a week. It's interval training and so your body learns how to run, and you don't get too burned out too fast. I've just started it (I'm on my 3rd week), and it's going good. There is also a podcast for it. Just Google to find out more about it. My goal is to run in the lavender fields in a city up here in Utah in June. Good luck!

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