25 New Things

1- I cannot stand bad grammar! It puts a bad taste in my mouth!

2- My favorite time of year is when the breeze is crisp and you have to cover up with blankets and over sized sweatshirts.

3- I paint and sometimes it actually looks like art!

4- Some days I dream about performing on Broadway. I desperately want to get back on the stage someday!

5- I recorded a CD at my friend's dad's studio in TN and plan on recording another one sometime in the future. (It only got into the hands of family members... or at least that is what it was intended for... but my dad made copies and if you know my dad... you know that's always good for an embarrassing time!)

6- I hit a frog while I was driving in the rain on the first day I had my driving permit... and I cried about it. What a dork!

7- I love to write music/lyrics. It has become a crazy obsession! (If only I could play the guitar and piano good enough!)

8- Whenever I get the opportunity... I LOVE to ride ATVs/4-wheelers!!! I can spend hours just riding around on them! I really want a 4-wheeler of my own one day!

9- The first concert I ever went to was to the NKOTB... New Kids On The Block... when I was 5 or 6 years old! My mom took me, a friend, and my older cousin and it was amazing! I think that was a point in my life when I became enamored with performing!

10- I named a stray dog 'Miley'... yes it was after Miley Cyrus. (I'm not ashamed!)

11- I am just as bad a 'pack-rat' as my hubby.

12- Stress, to me, is normal in everyday life.

13- Even though I am from Texas, I 'rep' the Hogs like any good wife of a native Arkansan should! But I still hold on to my A&M Aggies charm on my charm bracelet!

14- My dog, Katie, was my sister and best friend growing up.

15- I think accents from other states and countries are so beautiful! They add so much to people's personalities. However... I hate mine!

16- Texting is not a genuine method of communication to me! Don't get me wrong... I still use texting almost every day... but listen to this...
STORY- Once upon a time I was calling a student to inform them about some events at the church we were planning and (true story)... I hadn't even finished leaving my voicemail message when they texted me this "Hey! I saw that you had called... what's up?" ... SERIOUSLY?!? If you saw I was calling... why didn't you answer your stinking phone!?!?!?! ha ha ha It drives me crazy how much texting has removed so much personal communication. (Okay- I'm off my soap box now. ha ha)
17- I had a blowout once because I was reaching over to roll down the passenger side window to let a bee out of the car while I was driving! (STUPID!!!) The marks are still on the bridge in Rowlett, TX on HWY 66/Lakeview Pkwy.

18- I have always wanted to be considered a deep thinker... but I fear that people assume I am only silly and goofy.

19- Barbies were my obsession when I was a little girl!

20- Guys with ponytails make me laugh and make me feel a little creeped out! It just reminds me of white-trash 90's guys... cerca the Billy Ray Cyrus mullet days!

21- Sadly, I admit I love to dress my dogs up in sweaters and costumes! It's probably got something to do with reliving my Barbie days or something crazy like that...

22- I have a new found respect and love for public transportation since I rode the Metro in France! I think we need more metro systems and more DART transportation methods!

23- It wasn't until my senior year of high school that I realized where or what the endzone was on the football field! I always thought it was the 5 yards before "the touchdown place"... ha ha!!!

24- I absolutely LOVE checking the mailbox and my e-mail in hopes of receiving personal mail! I don't know what it is about a letter or e-mail that I love so much.

25- My childhood crush was Jonathan Taylor Thomas (JTT) from Home Improvement. One of my best friends, Katy Miller... she says she goes by Kate now but she knows I will forever call her Katy, ANYWAYS... we made up a club that met together in her backyard play house for JTT Club Meetings! We were so cool!

Thanks for reading this. You should do it too- it's fun!


The McEvilly's said…
I had no idea about your little JTT club. How did I miss that? Maybe becasue I thought he was overrated. I liked his big brother. What was his name? I love you shurl!

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