It's Been A While...

It's been a while since I have typed a blog post, but I figured it was about time to get caught up!

This summer has been CRAZY for the Moffetts! We have been going and going and going nonstop since May! Our lives have been consumed with family visits, church camps, conventions, rallies, VBS this week, mission trip next week, jewelry party after that, and then a wedding the next week after that... the list goes on and has plenty of details that have kept us busy just preparing for those events! I always looked at the summertime as a time of rest & relaxation... not this year! Don't get me wrong- I certainly am not complaining about my life, I will just be grateful for the Fall and a possible break from the hectic life we have been living lately!

Eric and I joined the Arkadelphia Health Club around the end of May with the summertime special, but we haven't set foot in the gym in the past two weeks, and this next week will make 3 because of VBS! I REALLY miss my Zumba and Pilates classes! However, I think we are going to continue our membership beyond the summer, because we really enjoy it as well as NEED it! As a result of summertime business and stress from it all, I have begun a new relationship with Mr. Haagen Dazs Coffee flavored ice cream... but I think I need to break up with him! He is no good for me what-so-ever!!! ha ha

As I wrap this up, my last thoughts are focused on tomorrow being the first day of our Boomerang Express themed VBS. I hope the tape holds up over night for all of our decorations!


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